Adoption Applications: Everything is Paper

img_5213 - Copy.jpg

Seriously, I’m embarrassed about how many trees we’ve probably gone through already.

It’s all going to be worth it though! Our goal is to submit our completed adoption application to the agency next week, and I think we are right on track! It does mean that as soon as the plates are cleared from dinner, almost every night looks like this:

(Excuse our messy house, it’s not exactly top priority at the moment.)

Wow, are we doing some big, ADULTING type things these days. Serious conversations, signing official documents, researching school districts, comparing health care plans…I keep thinking to myself, When did we suddenly grow up? Did I miss it?

We did finally get a chance to sit down and relax the other night, and Nate commented on how much our love for each other has actually grown more than we could have imagined through this experience. This process has the potential to bring out inherent differences in our relationship, cause tension or stress, or make us feel like that guy in the meme who wants to just toss all the papers in the air and give up.

Thankfully, so far we have just been taking it day by day, sheet by sheet, and bonding over mountains of adoption paperwork and saying “initial here, here, and here.” Because each one is a step closer to our kids, so we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Laura & Nate


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