Little Envelope of Hope

We did it! Today, we stopped by the adoption agency and turned in our application!

What a huge relief, and also a new kind of anxiety. We have been working on these documents for months. Making sure every detail is correct, answering deep questions about ourselves and each other, seeking references and affirmations from friends, family, doctors, and more…and just like that, it’s all handed over. That manila envelope contains so many hopes, dreams, careful consideration, love…and personal information. 😬 All we can think is, “Hope they like us!”

The next step is to be assigned a social worker. Our agency has a great reputation (which means they are quite popular to work with), so it could be two or three months before our file is assigned to a caseload. This adoption process is a lot of what we call “hurry up and wait.” Like a roller coaster, it takes a long time to get to the top, but once something happens it happens quickly.

Once we are assigned a social worker, we will begin our home study process,  and we will have a lot more updates for you. Until then…we wait. 🙂


Laura & Nate


One thought on “Little Envelope of Hope

  1. […] That giant manila envelope we turned in had nothing on the homework we were given during our first home study meeting. During the six-ish weeks of meetings with our social worker, we were busy creating discipline, grievance, and emergency plans, watching even more webinars, reading through state foster care laws, visiting our vet to get the pup up to date on shots, completing additional special needs questionnaires, and so much more. So do some hand stretches, because you will be writing and typing a lot during this process! […]


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